What the world would look like

If David Niven were the only James Bond.  No DB5.  No Vanquish.

david Niven

Instead:  This

Aston Martin Cygnet
You’ll be picking up the wrong kinds of chicks, 007

Aston Martin Cygnet gets the green light — Autoblog.

Aston Martin Approves Cygnet For Production

Even though brand purists will probably be screaming bloody murder, and David Brown may be doing back flips in his grave, Aston Martin has officially approved the Toyota iQ-based Cygnet for production. The diminutive city car will receive an extensive revamp before it can wear the winged Aston Martin logo. The car will have new exterior body panels and a redesigned interior. Aston Martin is claiming the Cygnet will offer the same tailor-made feeling as one of the brand’s luxury GT cars. While details on this tailor-made feel are sketchy, expect a large crop of exterior colors, interior trims, and upholsteries to be made available to demanding customers.

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