Warm is better

Fireplaces and puppies and love kick ass, compared to this.

Some notes from a year ago [Edited for spelling and punctuation and anonymity]:

12/2/09 – ****** relates finding an an ex-con on Zoosk who “winked” at her profile on line. She suggested that that gentleman or his associates from prison would enjoy meeting me and communicating viscerally how much I have “ruined” her life.

Between Sat. [11/28] and 12/2, she related how in a particular [unhinged, foreseeable] fact pattern, she would “find the scissors.” While she was at her first counseling session with the new guy, I knew she was angry about a message I left for her. I noticed scissors were left out all over, in the routine disorder of life, and I stuck all the loose pairs I found in a drawer. I later told her about it, stating that it’s not helpful to have things like that out in angry or emotionally charged situations.

Before Thanksgiving, she and I had one of those long grueling repetitive talks where she psychoanalyzes me and deconstructs every little statement I make, searching for evidence to support her analysis or whatever. The[n she threw] a pillow [which] hit me in the head. She said “aren’t you glad it wasn’t scissors?”

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