If you have to ask…

then I’ll tell you. Yeah, that shit does make you look like a fucking imbecile.

Helion: It’s how they say “dumbass” at J.C. Whitney

What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Add on spoiler – bigger is not automatically better.  Ask a non-inflatable woman to explain it to you. J.C. Whitney loves you!
  2. Shit wheels and puny 35-series tires.  Discount Tire sees you coming a mile away.  So does every chiropractor in town.
  3. Skirts?  Just because you wear them is no reason to force them on your car, nancyboy
  4. Plastic fake scoop/vents on the rear windows.  Fake is for tits on strippers, not sports cars.  Well, unless you really meant to conjure the plastic impotent tarts of the 70s.
  5. One wonders if the relocated “Shelby” and the fake gas cap snake were simply added on to create a discount Shelby from a Mustang GT.  Hmmmm.

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