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Aussie cop

A New Zealand driver has just such a yarn to spin after he was pulled over twice in two years by the same cop. In two different countries. 12,000 miles apart. The Daily Mail reports that the unnamed driver was pulled over by officer Andy Flitton in the UK two years ago and again recently in New Zealand. The unlucky driver, who island-hopped to New Zealand after 12 years in the UK, recognized the ticket-giver as the same man who caught him breaking the law on the A5 near London. The officer had recently relocated south after 26 years on the force in England.

via Motorist gets pulled over by the same cop twice in two years. 12,000 miles apart. — Autoblog.

In my case, it was same cop (Curse you, Officer Murphy Slaughter and your goddamned radar gun) one year and two miles (straightline)

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