Paris Hilton, auto heretic?

I suppose it’s wrong to think this privileged famewhore is somehow worthy of a carjacking to protect the car.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Paris Hilton
Zombie driving a Ghost

paris hilton new car 071210 | I Need My Fix [Ed.: Dead link removed.]

The more I think about it though, the more this just makes perfect sense.  What rational person would buy this thing?  As a daily driver, it says “I am a fucking moron.” A BMW 750iL (the same car underneath the fancy knickers and French hooker makeup – on the Car, not PH) does the same without saying please target me.

As a parade car, it is the dick withering (again, not talking about PH) smaller version of the Phantom.  Thus, a fail.

Regardless of how apropos this is for senseless rich bitches, can I still be offended that all the hand craftsmanship and impeccable hides are wasted on a vapid society tart, when they could just as easily be wasted on a vapid paranoid blogger who would either have paw prints on the window from the psycho pup (again, not talking about PH)   and fuckstains from shagging the girlfriend in the ample back seat (ditto)?

[Ed.:  Yes, I know this particular bit of shitty non-news is 6 months old.  I found it while googling Patti McGuire like so (moderate safe search) just today]

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