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Plenty of room for your Thetans,. Tom Cruise.  Or Xenu and that Travolta guy and his ego.

Why yes, it’s real. Sadly.

The Very First Porsche Wagon.

Two decades before they would consider selling wagonesque sedans to the general public, Porsche took a 928 and added a bulbous rear as a gift for the 75th birthday of company founder Ferry Porsche. It was called the Study H50.

Apart from the general awesomeness of wagons and the particular awesomeness of wagons with 5.0-liter V8’s up front, the H50 is interesting for the the way its design preceded by 15–20 years not one but two very unique cars.

As this was a one-off prototype for the company’s head, we will never know how such a design would have sold in the mid-‘80s, but the Panamera, whose lines and layout are surprisingly similar, has proven to be a sales success in spite of the general air of head-scratching regarding its shape.

The car has also seeded someone’s brain at Mazda. The RX–8 has the same lack of a B-pillar and the same rear-swinging pair of mini-doors for the rear seats: a clever and economical solution for maximizing space for rear seat access in what is essentially a coupé.

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