Not me

Sadly.  Somewhere in Monte Carlo, some rich bastard has a harem of Plenty O’Toole’s offering to blow on his dice or anything else he specifies, just because of this new chick magnet. One of the first to receive the car is this lucky customer from Monaco. The car was spotted parked in front of the […]

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Dear Roger Goodell

A lie? No, creative Enron accounting Hi Roger. What the Fuck are you doing, exactly.  First, you announce the roof at Jerryworld will be closed because of what the weather might be like in two weeks. (THAT is bullshit and you know it, because I have told you before.) Now you are going to compound […]

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Only in my dreams…

Do I see my old boss, Jonathan J. Shithead, step off a building tens os stories off the ground. I watch him fall, waiting for the bungee cord, but there is none and he knew it before he stepped off. Of course at the last instant the dream… Continued, and the poor bastard splatted into […]

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Here kitty

Cripley:  Let’s go to TC’s for beer and stupidity! Radar:  I like beer! Gingerman: We can take my Jeep, because it lacks creature comforts and is prone to tipping! Later Cripley:  TC’s was fun! Radar:  I like beer! Gingerman: Not tipping my Jeep over counts as a win! Then, alongside a car ahead, there are […]

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