Hand it over, you avaricious old skeleton.

Do not fuck with Bill Sykes (Oliver!).  Word to the wise.

Consider yourself – forewarned

Oliver Reed was a hellraiser who relished every opportunity to drink all up to his final moment. During a break from filming Gladiator, where he played the slavemaster, Reed died of a heart attack in a bar on May 2 in 1999. This after beating five Royal Navy sailors at arm-wrestling. Not only were the sailors much younger than him, but Reed was also piss drunk at the time. During his final bar trip, the 61-year-old actor consumed three bottles of Captain Morgan, eight bottles of German beer, and several doubles of Famous Grouse whiskey. The bar where it all happened was called “The Pub” and has since then added “Ollie’s Last Pub” to their sign.
u were a badass, and for that we salute you.

via Oliver Reed – The death of a badass | Decadent Lifestyle.

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