Acid Flashback Thursday: Zombies Roaming in Phoenix

Things that will not die, part 412:

1979 Ford Fairmont Futura
ooo, stylish!

I thought i got rid of this goddam car in 1998, in favor of a Hyundai Accent.

It was another $1,000 ash advance and a trip to Parker Colorado to pick it up. It was the car I (re)started smoking in, once the wife had been baking #2 for a while.  Camel menthols – yee hah. AM radio, 200 cid in line 6 tractor motor and 3 speed auto.  Living the dream, commuting in Denver.

1979 Ford Fairmont Futura
Classy coming and going!

When last we met, the yellow vinyl seats had fused to my skin, and McDonald’s cheeseburger wrappers flew out the windows with some regularity. (Broken air conditioning.)  Yes, yellow was cool, in a latent psychotic sort of way.  Yes, it was like a mustang (the same car underneath) in that you could put a real engine in it and nobody would suspect that it could get out of its own way.

Plus, it was such an elegant transition from the 1977-79 Thunderbirds to the Fairmont based 1980 Thunderbird. (SARCASM.)

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