Cowboys stadium

Dear Roger Goodell

Cowboys stadium

A lie? No, creative Enron accounting

Hi Roger.

What the Fuck are you doing, exactly.  First, you announce the roof at Jerryworld will be closed because of what the weather might be like in two weeks. (THAT is bullshit and you know it, because I have told you before.)

Now you are going to compound your incompetent reign of terror by faking attendance numbers?  Seriously?

Approximately 5,000 people also paid $200 apiece to be in an area outside the stadium watching on big-screen TVs.

via NFL expects record crowd attendance for Super Bowl XLV – Super Bowl XLV –

I am not paying $200 but I will be in an area outside the stadium watching on a big TV.  Will you count me?

“An area outside the stadium”?  Most of us know that means “the parking lot.”  Standing in the parking lot watching TV is not “attending” the game – it is watching it on TV.

You continue to be stupid.  The reannimated corpse of Pete Rozelle has a better grasp on what football is and is not than you do.

Fuck off and die, Brett Farve private jet washer,


Tom Landry


  • buzz wang February 4, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    this does appear to be pretty lame, but not worth getting all worked up about. As a wise man once told me WGAF????? next subject….

  • Dr. Gonzo February 4, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    No one is worked up. We’re just bored shitless waiting for the Super Bowl to get here. Tell us a joke or something. A better joke than “the 2010 Chicago Bears” if you don’t mind


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