Curdled Milk

How to turn a chick magnet into a Kent Dorfman mobile. (Or, never let your girlfriend/wife/concubine choose your midlife crisis sports car).

Does Tom Cruise Know You That You Raid His Wardrobe?

White?  Really? Now your voluptuous sports car curves make you look like a suppository. Chicks will climb over each other. To get the hell away.

Pierce Brosnan you’re not

“Urban Green”?  More like dog barf green, or split pea soup (which is worse in my book).

What the fuck were you people thinking?  Sports cars exist only to make women want to give you hand jobs.   Not to tell the world “I lack the balls to chose a color” or “I am a fucking moron, so I grabbed three crayons and this is the color they made together”  Turn in your man card.

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