My Favorite 427


Cougar 427

Barrett-Jackson Lot: 1247 – 1968 MERCURY COUGAR GT-E 427 2 DOOR COUPE Sold $181,500.00.  I can think of a million things I said I would never do, that I would do to have this car.

The other 427?  It’s at once too soon, yet cannot come soon enough.

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The scenario:  Dumbass wants in  on a turn lane, without the usual courtesies like signaling or merging at the end of the line.  No, we are all supposed to get out of the way so he can get in where he chooses, instead of where conditions dictate. So, he forces his way in behind me […]

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Blow shit up

Destruct sequence 1, code 1, 1A Destruct sequence 2, code 1, 1A, 2B Destruct sequence 3, code 1B, 2B, 3 Code 0 0 0, destruct 0 The first four texts when the ban went to the honor system.  Evidently.

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