Chapter Advisor FAIL – why are you people counting on me?


Maybe we should chug on over to namby-pamby land where maybe we can find some self confidence for you ya jackwagons - R. Lee Ermey

My proud examples:

Frank.  Frank was an ordinary dude with a job at First of America.  I thought he was entitled to god-status as the big dude of the chapter.  He came through the drive through at the BK Lounge.  I piled him up with chicken sandwiches and extra fries.

Karma:  Then you called him a chicken for driving a Toyota Celica.  Nice.  Dumbass.

Frank was the dude, for Get a Date, Don’t be late.  Frank was the dude when I got laid and dutifully reported back.

Frank was there for a couple of years.

TC and Gingerman

TC.  TC was the party master.  Aloha bashes; Lahaina Vice.

TC was the rush master:  ”Hot at the Phi Sigs.”  ”Hey, wanna talk good times?”  ”Ask for Hank.” “Rush police.” Dogs with welding glasses. (That last one was something unrelated.  Sorry).  TC was the art for the “Catch us if you can”/”2-5″ silver anniversary rush.

TC was the dude for 5 years.  Then he bailed for the real world.

TC Aloha


Fall 1987 happened - I got shitass fired from 7-Eleven.  Missed a meeting I didn’t know was mandatory.  Took a job at Oakwood Beverage.  In September, Osco answered the call of “please hire me.”  I was making almost double. I was ready for the big time.  Then the fraternity asked; I answered.

* * *

We had parties.  We had cops.

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