Fredo Wang: Making it easy on “The Man”


police crash

In a DUI even Governor Jan Brewer probably couldn’t get away with, police say an allegedly drunk 56-year-old man crashed his truck straight into Phoenix police headquarters early Thursday. Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson tells New Times the man was driving his 2003 half-ton Chevrolet truck on 7th Avenue about 4 a.m. when he hopped the curb, ran into a pole, broke a waterline, hit a block wall, and landed straight into a fence on the west side of the Phoenix police headquarters. Apparently not realizing he just crashed into a place with a building full of cops, his attempt to run away from the scene ended almost before it started. “He may not have run far enough to qualify for a hit and run,” Thompson says.

via Phoenix DUI Suspect Makes it Easy for Cops — By Driving Straight into Police Headquarters .

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