I read it for the articles

Two fingers tequila is the worst shit ever.  I know from experience. Why did I try it?  The ads:

Two fingers is all it takes – TWSS

No, I did not understand the double entendre at the time.

Where did I see the ads? National Lampoon and Playboy.  Yes.  I read the ads in Playboy.  And the articles.  How else would I learn about:

  • the proper way to pour a beer into a real glass
  • Prison riots in New Mexico, especially the broom handle rape.
  • declining sports fan etiquette
  • $175 shoes (in 1980 dollars) and Aston Martins.
  • football picks (hint:  choose the opposite of what they say)
  • and of course “anatomy.”  Nothing prepares you for the reality of a cooter like an airbrushing that tells you nothing you want to know.

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