BK Lounge-mobile

I feel like I should be crammed in the back, while my BK Lounge coworkers, a crazy girl from a fucked up family* and her gay brother/cousin/gardener**, drive me around Westwood looking for some dude on a corner that might sell us them weed.


Karma:  No, she will not fuck you under any circumstance.***  Neither will he, FWIW.****
Me:  So I should just go find a hooker.  Is that what you’re telling me?
Karma:  Pretty much…

*90% of the women who worked with me.

**10% of the men.

***1000% of the women who worked with me. Close doesn’t count.

****75% of the men. (NNTAWWT) It’s kinda nice to be the one turning people down.

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