My future trunk space

Once you people start paying me for my copyrighted artwork (or visiting the things over there ->)  Imagine how fabulous my art could be if only it were in focus! The plan however (as thorough as it is) involves some serious kit. Between us we will carry 10 cameras and a vast array of glass […]

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It’s also what Sheriff Joe calls “probable cause.”  Plus, where are your nads in relations to the bottles when they blow their tops in the summer heat? If you’ve learned anything about us from our slew of posts it’s that we have an affinity for biking and also for knocking back a few cold ones. […]

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Whistling Past the Graveyard

It’s the new Dodge Dart? Mesa police find stolen van submerged in lake. Police said a man steered a stolen van into a lake at Riverview Park then ran away.  Witnesses saw the man jump out of the moving van just before 4 a.m. Saturday. The van continued into the lake and became completely submerged… […]

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12 Angry Men

Jury duty calls.  DUI, where the guy was not driving.  We call that “in actual physical control.”  However, in actual physical control means anything from getting a drunken blowjob sleeping in the car with keys in your pocket to sitting in your living room with a buzz after you drove a car (regardless of when […]

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Will the $100 Million Hole Joe Arpaio Dug Kill Him in the 2012 Election? – Page 1 – News – Phoenix – Phoenix New Times.

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