Ample Parking Day or Night

gives way to people shouting “Howdy Neighbor.” LOCAL REAL ESTATE FIRM ANNOUNCES PLANS FOR DOWNTOWN MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT KALAMAZOO, Mich. – Phoenix Properties today announced its plans for a signature mixed-use office, retail and residential development at the southeast corner of West Michigan Avenue and Rose Street in downtown Kalamazoo. The yet-to-be-named development is designed to […]

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Lunacy on Stone Street

Once upon a time, there were Honda Civics…

there was a time when Honda was on fire, and could do (almost) no wrong. The gen 1 Civic was like a little cherry bomb lobbed into a Weight-Watcher’s convention… And this gen2 Civic was huge step forward; now instead of wearing a Civic like a badge of honor, one could now actually step into it and think of it as a legitimate car.

via Curbside Classic – When Honda’s Mojo Was Working: 1980-1983 Honda Civic | The Truth About Cars.

1983 Honda Civic1983 Civic sedan


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Alex Trebek: 600 days

Q:  How long has it been since I went this long without a beer?  Not that I’m counting. Last time it was in the aftermath of Olde English 800 HG after Crazytown “refused” to break up with me when I broke up with her.  Yes, WTFWIT?  St. Ides or nothing. This time, it was the fact […]

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What to drive

when it’s 1977 and your cocaine bills make you downsize from that Mark V The Ford LTD II.  “II” because it’s twice as good?  Two because that’s how many models are spun off the same chassis?  No.  More like “II” because the first type was so successful.  “II” because maybe you’ll think this shitbox has […]

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