‘Thor’ is God

THOR“Events will prove otherwise. Fans of the comic may notice some deviation from the origin story, but if that’s going to prevent you from enjoying this, you might be taking things a little too seriously. The character development, what there is of it, occurs in a flash as fleeting as lightning from Asgard. But you don’t go to “Thor” looking for Shakespeare, even if Branagh is directing.”

via ‘Thor’.

The fish out of water story is the best part.  I hated the CGI – Asgard and Jotunheim sucked.  Natalie Portman has no presence.  OTOH, I have a man crush on Chris Hemsworth.  The SHIELD agent turned unlikable.

One thought on “‘Thor’ is God

  1. Hey, i’m a hugh Thor fan and i wanted this as a collectors item and to have when i go with my daughter to see the Thor movie next month. I only wish the sound of the thunder was louder, it’s a great representation of the hammer in the movies. i received it in a timely fashion and it was as advertised. i would buy from this seller again!

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