John McCain: Never too old to flip flop

Sen. John McCain took to the Senate floor Thursday to condemn waterboarding and other torture techniques, saying that the debate over these techniques is ultimately “about morality. What is at stake here it the very idea of America.”

via McCain Denounces Torture on Senate Floor – Gawker.

Gee, John.  Wasn’t it just 2008 when you:

voted to uphold Bush’s veto of the latest anti-torture legislation to pass Congress. McCain also voted against the initial version of this law that would ban waterboarding by U.S. government agents. McCain also voted for the final version of the Military Commissions Act in September 2006. By giving Bush boundless discretion to define torture, this law effectively guaranteed that the U.S. government would continue torturing.

Lying bastard.  At least you’ve flopped back to the right side.



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