Alex Trebek: This song won’t played anywhere near the happy couple

What is “Free Will”?

I have been given permission and blessing from her parents and mine to enter into a relationship with her; one that has the goal of glorifying God and seeking to serve Him together in the future!! As we move towards a commitment to marriage and the commitment of marriage, I ask you for your support through prayer as we move through this stage of life. I am an undeserving, but blessed man!!


Joseph! I am pleased to hear that the Lord has placed a young lady in your path, and that you are seeking His will together! May the Lord make his will very clear, and bless you as you seek to draw closer to Him! God bless you man! (And Brittany Too!)

We will certainly be praying as you and Brittany, along with your parents, prayerful consider the Lord’s will in this momentous decision. And we rejoice with you all!

Thanks for letting us know and letting us know her name. We’ll look forward to the photo and will be praying for you both and for your parents as you all enter this adventure with the Lord together.

Fantastic! Blessings to you two as you seek to honor the Lord in preparing for marriage.

So excited for you! Isn’t it just wonderful? I rememeber (sic.) when Michael and I first started courting that I was often so overwhelmed by God’s love, that he loved me that much and MORE! Praying blessings on you both!

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