Alex Trebek: The Answer is “No, not hardly, not ever”

Rich Rodriquez

Will Rich Rodriguez be Missed?.

It’s possible, only if Al Borges and his offense don’t produce and take advantage of the natural talents of Denard Robinson.  If Denard is throwing the ball 20+ times per game and is not getting enough cracks at using his legs – then you’ll find plenty of… we have the most prolific rushing quarterback EVER to play college football!  Rich Rod’s offense would do better than this!

I can see it happening now.

That’s the only way Rich Rodriguez will be missed….I have to admit – I think Rich Rod’s tendency to convey that rivalry games were generally no different than any other game – was a bigger deal that I ever would have thought before he was curbed.  He would say, in his walk through on Friday’s and pressers during the week – that the team didn’t do anything special to prepare for the rivalry game.   (*COUGH* JOHN COOPER *COUGH*)

Hoke’s the new guy in AA so thinking about Rich Rod means absolutely zero. (YES) Aren’t you glad you gave this a read! (Refer to the title)

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