Best Torino Ever

12 thoughts on “Best Torino Ever

  1. Damn,…it would be a kick to get a hold of this guy to proposition him about building a cyclone wagon. It would be a one of a kind since they never made one. Only difference is the grille from the cyclone has a gunsight in the middle.

    1. It’s a great idea, but I think the guy is wanting it stock. I’ve seen it parked at a house close to where I first saw it a couple of times, but I think that’s just @ relatives or friends.

  2. No, I have not replaced the grille or hood. The problem with replacing these pieces is two-fold: one, most parts that are available are nowhere near as nice as the original parts on my car, and two, the prices for those mediocre parts are ridiculous. I am content with what I have done with the car thus far; the addition of a manual transmission/console and bigger gear had made the car a lot more enjoyable–except when at the gas station.

  3. Yeah I hear ya on that one, it is insanely hard to find a nice cyclone grille. There is one full hideaway headlight grille (minus the middle gunsight, which sucks) for 1900 on ebay. Frickin’ insane! I saw a NOS 70 gunsight section go for a little over a thousand all by itself a while ago too. Most are rough but ya know, you’d be surprised how well a dingy looking grille can clean up. Yeah it’s tedious, but you can do it hehe. I have a center grill in basically showroom shape, but I’m saving it for my ’70 cyclone that i’m restoring. It was my first car.
    You have an amazing wagon, I’m envious! lol.

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