What to drive

when you’re an asshole scoutmaster, because:

1977 Mercury Colony Park
I thought you pulled out already. [TWSS]
  • if you’ve got to rear end somebody…

True Story:  I rear-ended my scoutmaster at an intersection. This is a traffic accident and not anything else.  Assholes.  (I nearly killed Phid and cross traffic 5 years later at the same place. Something is karmically bad with Marquises (Marquii?) there.)  The one cool thing this bastard ever did was to wait until after the campout was over to report the accident, which saved me a ticket.  The other one cool thing is that he let me drive this bitch on a paper drive.  FYI, you can’t drift these barges with 800 lbs. of old Playboys in the wayback, unless you have about 3x the engine power.

  • plenty of room for “Chipmunks
  • Yellow?  What. The. Fuck?  What kind of dumbass would ever buy a yellow car?  Wait.  Nevermind.

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