The way is shut.

It was made by those who are Dead.
And the Dead keep it,
Until the time comes.
The way is shut.

Six years ago, there was a detective.  She did a little work for a guy, once upon a time.  After a few months, she wanted to be his friend, because what do friends do?  They loan you money at no interest!  When they say ‘how about some of that cash back,’ you just flash your tits a smile and you’ve got an extension!

After 3 years and six figures worth of “woe is me.  If only I had another $20,000, if only my friend would buy me a house,” the guy took off the beer goggles and saw things for what they were.   Shit blew up.  Then: lawyers.

The guy used two different lawyers.  He won.  He won on appeal.  The Courts basically said “you lied, you lose,  Magnum p.i. lady.”

Then there was a fight about the return of some records.  Detective lady did not want to turn over some docs, and now wanted them back.  Her bud had a checkered past, according to some docs.  They wanted those back too.  Fights ensued.

Suddenly, without warning, the whole case file got sealed.  Six years of hard work gone from view.  Important public information about a licensed individual and how she treated a supposed client – gone.

The judgment is still out there waiting to be found.

Always remember, Frodo, the Ring is trying to get back to its master. It wants to be found.

It’s just that obstacles have been raised; the path obscured.

The way is shut

And there is no reason why.

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