Deja Vu: Liars Poker edition

Gene Smith, Dead Man Walking

“Oh, heck no,” he said. “There’s never been a point in my life in (this) business when I’ve considered resigning.

When you know that what you do every day is right and you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got to stay the course and make sure we continue to get better and help our current student-athletes and coaches. So I’ve never thought about that at all.”

Ohio State AD admits asking for Tressel’s resignation – Dr. Saturday – NCAAF Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

Where have we heard that (everything right, stay the course) before?  Oh yeah, this guy:

George W. Bush, statesman and philosopher

How’d that work out ( *cough*recession, oil war, shredded Constitution *cough*)?  Yes, Gene, we’re sure everything is just dandy in your immediate future.

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