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Desmond Howard

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On Saturday evening (July 16), Desmond Howard will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Few experience this noteworthy achievement.

It is a day when Desmond will talk about those who have made an impact on his career — his coaches, his teammates, his counselors, his friends and his family. It is a day when he will relate a story or two about SPECIAL moments in his athletic career… and his life.

It will be a time for Desmond to thank his teammates and coaches, who allowed him to go out and do what he did best — on and off the field.

Recently, I had an opportunity to spend a few hours with Desmond on the golf course and hear him share his feelings about this honor. The message he repeated over and over again was the pride he feels to be a Michigan Man. I am sure you have all experienced this as you have observed Desmond over the years. The look on his face when he tells reporters and/or fans that he is a Michigan Man is SPECIAL. His smile and his eyes can’t hide the honest emotion that builds inside him.

Any time with Desmond is SPECIAL. He doesn’t have an ‘I am a Hall of Famer’ attitude. If you didn’t know it was Desmond Howard, you would believe it was just any friendly, nice person enjoying the day and asking you questions about your life and family.

During our time together, it was only when someone asked him about the honor and how he felt about the induction that his demeanor changed. That’s when that smile and his eyes turned serious. That’s when he talked about Michigan.

On Saturday, we will celebrate Desmond Howard’s permanent enshrinement in the College Football Hall of Fame. The pride of witnessing another Michigan Man being recognized in this way is a great reminder of how SPECIAL Michigan football truly is! Desmond is a Michigan Man who has helped create so many memories for us all… and is such an important part of the tradition and history that we all embrace and enjoy. Thank you, Desmond… for all you have done and all you continue to do for Michigan!

Jan and I will be in South Bend Saturday night to lead the standing ovation Desmond so richly deserves! It will be a SPECIAL night for Desmond… and a SPECIAL night for Michigan!

Congratulations Desmond… and Go Blue!

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