Big Top Pee Wee

continued from  here Clients:  We need VIP service, because that’s how we roll! Jack:  We need VIP service, because I need the kind affections of a non-harpy! Me:  Yay, Boobs! Later: Bourbon Street:  Welcome to VIP.  The drinks and dances cost more, but the usual bouncer:patrons ratio is reduced down to just these two angry […]

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Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Just another fall Sunday in Phoenix.  What to do?  Call clients nad head to the clubs! Bombshells seems like a good idea! Bombshells: Lawyers with money? Why would we want to sell you beers and lap dances? Us:  OK then!  We can certainly afford not giving you any money! Us:  Let’s go to the club […]

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We’re All Doomed

This is a Ferrari 458. 562 HP.  0-60 in 3.2 sec.  $245,000 if you can find one.. In this car is a passenger. Is the passenger vogueing for passers by – or I should say those passed by?  No. Is the passenger videotaping  ridiculous hooning?  No. Is the passenger simply soaking in every sound, every […]

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Fit for a self important blowhard

Rolls-Royce is creating a special “Year Of The Dragon” edition, based on the Chinese zodiac, of the Phantom for 2012. The dragon is a symbol of power and prosperity, which seems fitting for a Rolls, and its image will be featured throughout the car.  Rolls-Royce Creates Year Of The Dragon Collection Phantom. Sounds perfect for […]

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9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Take Note

Kelly said that by increasing the number of floors rigged with explosives, demolishers can better control implosions.”The more floors you shoot, the straighter down it will fall,” he said… “There’s two, maybe three people in the world that can shoot a building like that,” Kelly said. Never-opened Vegas hotel may be imploded – Travel – […]

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