Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Just another fall Sunday in Phoenix.  What to do?  Call clients nad head to the clubs!

Bombshells seems like a good idea!

Sugar 44 - was Bombshells
Is "Sugar" really an improvement over "Bombshells"?

Bombshells: Lawyers with money? Why would we want to sell you beers and lap dances?
:  OK then!  We can certainly afford not giving you any money!

Us:  Let’s go to the club by the office!  It’s bound to be cheaper! We can always crash in the parking lot!
BandAids:  We like money!  We have beer and skank to sell!
Us:  Yay!

Cheap and it shows


Us:  The beer is a fail!
Us:  The dancers make us think of WalMart shoppers!
Us:  There’s no “band” here!  The other half of the name is a likelihood, however!

Us:  Let’s go to the circus

This is why we carry a corporate gold card

Bourbon Street:  We have VIP areas with VIP pricing and VIP “access”!
ClientsFor everything else, there’s MasterCard!
Jack:  Corporate card for the win!
Us:  This won’t end well!



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