A Better Anniversary to Commemorate

NINE years ago today, I was sitting at what used to be Amazons. It was dead, even for a Wednesday, because everybody was all gloomy.

I was about the only guy in the place, and the stripper who danced for me joined me at the bar. Tall, thin, blonde, young. We talked for a long time – she was still living at home. I was drinking for free, but she paid for the smokes. She gave me her number. She said something about a boyfriend, but that did not seem to be a crisis point.

Then I went home, a bit hot and bothered, but did not have sex with my then-wife. SSDD.

One thought on “A Better Anniversary to Commemorate

  1. Nice to know things have changed..you now have a live-in stripper, quit smoking,and know that you will get laid today..SSDD

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