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  1. To ensure public order and safety, lawmakers classify certain acts as criminal offenses. Each state has adopted laws that make certain acts illegal, although the punishment may vary from one state to another. Federal criminal laws and sentences apply no matter where you are in the United States.

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  2. I think this ad campaign is fantastic. Drugs, Sex and Violence… It sums up the kinds of cases he handles quickly and definitively. He is a criminal defense attorney. aka defense lawyer aka trial lawyer aka criminal lawyer/attorney… You have to be a real knucklehead to not “get” what the ad states and what he does. He defends people charged with serious felony crimes involving sex offenses, drug crimes and crimes of violence.

  3. Dear Anonymous @ Century Link ( [Label IP Address] Mesa, Arizona, United States
    We hope you enjoyed your 18 or so clicks between 1:18 and 2:30 today. Next time click a google ad or two – would it kill you to do that?

    “You have to be a real knucklehead to not “get” what the ad states and what he does.” Criminal defense (with or without)lawyer would be better. This is in Maricopa County, AZ, where the previous top prosecutor and his goosestepping aides lost their tickets and were told they committed acts that may have been illegal. “Criminal Lawyer” seems like a good fit for those folks, so my point stands. As for the S/D/V part, sure it’s effective, but it’s coarse. It’s also as obnoxious as anything from Jeff Phillips. One final point: i don’t like lumping sex (usually legal) with drugs (spilt) and violence (usually illegal). as always, YMMV

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