I DO read it for the articles

Some people dig it for the word-action; others hate it for the style and tone. The editors of Playboy really despised it: Their edit/memos ranged from “This is a good Esquire piece” to “Thompson’s ugly, stupid arrogance is an insult to everything we stand for” and “This is our last adventure with H. Thompson; from […]

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Jerry Falwell has a hard on for me

Bad enough, in a Deliverance sense, but the fact that he is dead means he’s totally flipped around the honorary title of  “corpsefucker.”  One wonders why someone at his brainwashing camp of koolaid drinkers is interested in the Elmer Gantry  huckster down the road.  Jealousy?  Karma laughs at the possibilities…     Liberty University ( […]

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