Beer Goggles

Lincoln : Continental Lincoln : Continental | eBay. This ^^ is what happens when: It’s football Saturday Michigan last #beatOhio in 2003.  (Ohio does not have a win for last year, but that is not a Michigan win) Ohio:  Beaten.  Back monkey: removed. Blue beers are in order. FWIW, Blue Moon and PBR have 33 and […]

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Ohio: Beaten.

Now comes gravy time.  Any bowl.  Any where.  Just let us keep on rolling. Finally beating the Buckeyes didn’t just end a humiliating streak: At 10-2, the Wolverines are guaranteed to move into the top 14 in the final BCS standings, and virtually guaranteed — assuming bowl officials consider the prospect of a sprawling, revved-up Michigan […]

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Beat Ohio

Repeatedly.  Mercilessly. Unequivocally. The Top Individual Performances in the Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry | Bleacher Report.

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You might be a racist twerp

Dave Pratt Live shares a video of a Ghetto Pawn Shop. Yeah, Dave. Black people are hilarious.  What with their funny dialects and accents and stuff. Poor people are hilarious.  They do crazy shit like making ends meet. Black people with “bling” are hilarious.  She probably hooked up with Mr. T. Black women left by […]

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