You might be a racist twerp

Dave Pratt Live shares a video of a Ghetto Pawn Shop.

Yeah, Dave.

  • Black people are hilarious.  What with their funny dialects and accents and stuff.
  • Poor people are hilarious.  They do crazy shit like making ends meet.
  • Black people with “bling” are hilarious.  She probably hooked up with Mr. T.
  • Black women left by their men are hilarious.  What will her crack baby(ies) do until their old enough to be rap stars, pimps, ath-e-letes or gangsters?
  • Pawn shops are hilarious?  You ever watch “Hardcore Pawn” about poor black people getting ripped off in Dee-troit?  Comic gold!!!

#FireDavePratt.  Join the revolution

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