Beer Goggles

Lincoln : Continental Lincoln : Continental | eBay.

Lincoln Continental Town Car
what part of “It costs a month’s salary” do you not understand?

This ^^ is what happens when:

  • It’s football Saturday
  • Michigan last #beatOhio in 2003.  (Ohio does not have a win for last year, but that is not a Michigan win)
  • Ohio:  Beaten.  Back monkey: removed.
  • Blue beers are in order.
  • FWIW, Blue Moon and PBR have 33 and 20% more alcohol than Coors Light. (You found that out the hard way last night).
So here’s to you, Ohio [state].  We honor you with:
  • failure to monitor (the buzz or the beer count)
  • lack of institutional control (eBay (and later Facebook) under the influence).  No blogging while buzzed has broad application, and had no effect this day.
  • Improper inducements – those red leather seats aren’t gonna get boned on themselves.  Also, “moon” roof refers to the verb, not the noun.  Pussy and beer are the only things that resonate with you at the moment.

So, now Raoul own this glorious barge, this rolling boudoir of hookers and blow. He just has to find a way to pay for it, and a place in Michigan to store it until fetched.  Seemed simple enough last night.  Either that or get ready for the old eBay account to be “negged into Bolivian.”

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