Stay Classy, BK Lounge

1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI
Whoppers and Marks, too. WTF.

What to drive, if your name is Dan, you’ve got a giant stick up your ass, your job is watching a bunch of high schoolers and trailer dwellers watch other high schoolers and trailer dwellers make shitty burgers badly and your office is in the basement of one of those exotic spas.

1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Givenchy
I am an important man, dammit!!!

Lincoln : Mark Series Lincoln : Mark Series | eBay.  Mere mortals can get by with a Riviera.  A real man needs more class.

“Fashion Shows,” Dan?  It’s 1981. ” Fashion” and men are incompatible: oil and water, Sunni and Shiite, class and Wal-Mart.  You are either gay, or your wife picked this out.

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