Ugly Bags of Mostly Water

Why does the Bible hate freedom?  Why do fabulous powers exist, only to have the Bible proscribe them?  Why do Christians in one breath say the Bible is the inerrant word of God and in the next, say that it doesn’t say what it does, and that God secretly explains the plain clear  language’s obvious opposite meaning to his chosen ones?

Why do these chosen ones get to dictate terms to the rest of the flock?  Is it just coincidence that the Bible is so full of sheep and shepherd analogies?

Your body is a temple
Your body is a temple

I wrote this draft musing in January.  Rush and the war on contraception have made me revisit the thought.  Sex is supposed to be good.  Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses are OK with getting your nut for its own sake and not for babymaking. (As long as you’re married.)   Rubbers and the pill, anything that’s not abortion, is OK.  So why do the unfuckable blowhards hate sex so much?  The old testament is full of all sorts of Penthouse forum tales (beyond S0dom and Gomorrah).  Is it the whole asexual vibe that Jesus gives off?  Or did the “unfuckable blowhards” question contain its own answer and they’re just jealous because they can buy their princess wives all sorts of bangles and the’ll still not get a hummer,so why should anybody else?

(Or maybe their answer is “fuck you hippies.  See how much pussy you get when you have screaming babies and megalomaniacal  teenagers “)

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