Eat the Rich

Maserati Quattroporte
Sarah Palin’s roadtrip?

Raise your hand if you think this Maserati Quattroporte spent even a second in Alaska.  Yes, it could be Sarah Palin: 10 mpg would certainly explain “drill, baby, drill.”*  But Phoenix is full of rich plutocrats/expensive wheels. *cough*Craig Jackson*cough* Arizona charges personal property tax on cars.  Do the math.  A new on is $125-150K.  Who wants to pay 15 large (or whatever) in tax on that?  So what would be more appealing to a rich bastard than a tax dodge?  Once again, Sarah Palin has the answer:  an Alaska auto trust.  The “owner” (the trust) is in Alaska.  You’re just using it.  That’s also why you’re not paying a couple grand a year to license it in AZ (A.R.S. § 28-2153 (B)(1) notwithstanding).  Nice work if you can get it.


*so would dirty Exxon librarian porn.

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