Whitney Houston Corpse Picture

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What to drive

When your Lincoln, Corvette, Olds 98, and Camaro are not enough.  You obviously need a badass pickup truck.  Failing that,  get this: Whart REALLY completes the ensemble is a flashy light tan over somewhatdarker tan/brown two town paint, just like your Olds.  This guy ^^ is a little too flashy.

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Airstrip One

Oceana has its own police force? Police? I’ve seen these guys before.  I thought it was just some tarted up Tahoes for an emergency drill.  Evidently, it was not just some theoretical disaster scenario pretend force.  These are newer, shinier versions.   It’s real.  Fortunately, their mission is not writing speeding tickets.  (Unless thinking about speeding […]

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I Love the Buffett Rule

Taxes this year: Increased withdrawals/  deduction for Monkey for the first time in 6 years = Refund.  Yay.  I can buy a clue, or some shellfish and a beer! Oh wait.  Minus 2010 taxes. Minus PayPal for this (from 2010): minus Cap One  (bar dues, dentist, pool stuff, dog). minus this for Lurlene (last week): […]

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Why Does Patrick Ernzen Hate America?

Or just me.  In trying to find the 2012 Windgate Festival of Speed (your home for North Scottsdale‘s finest cockshow)  I found this website: Desert Motors that he runs. Image (c) Patrick Ernzen/desert-motors.com An occasional feature there is called Valley Sightings. I appreciate the efforts of shooting from cars, especially when you have that glorious […]

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