Fuck you, Jiffy Lube

Me:  Hi, I would like an oil change Jiffy Lube:  OK, regular (39), semi synthetic (59) or full synthetic (89) Me:  I have a love hate relationship with this toaster, so let’s go with affordable. Jiffy Lube:  Uh oh, the manufacturer demands 0W-20  full synthetic. (Ed.: Changed viscosity to appease Ron below) Scion:  Oh hell […]

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Everyone in Bahrain Hated Me

It might have been the t shirt equating King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa with Maab, the Teer of the Ten Tribes. It might have been the posters of Michael Jackson, favorite son of Bahrain, having Panda Sex Whatever the reason, the Bahrainis were out for blood.  Flying out was too risky. My only hope was a […]

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