Pet shop

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Whenever I walk by a pet shop, I have to go in and look at the puppies. I have always been a dog lover and cannot resist looking at their sweet faces in a pet store. I frequently go to the pet store by my house and the owner now knows my name. He is always trying to convince me to come in and buy a puppy. I told him that once I am out of college and have a place of my own, I will definitely be ready for a dog of my own. The owner is a nice man and has run that pet store for 14 years. We were talking the last time I stopped by the store and he told me that he recently switched tosmallbusiness.xo for the store. I think that he is a smart business man and I would take advice from him if I were to ever open up any kind of small business. I hope that when I have a place of my own that I will still have the desire to own a pet. I know that they are a lot of work and sometimes wonder if it is better to just visit them at the store.

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