Jiffy Lube? Lurlene, Yes; Car, No.

In our Jiffy Lube adventure from last March, we learned:

  1. Coolant was “low.”  Extra $ to top off. No other advice.
  2. There was an oil leak “on the engine”/around the oil pan. No advice whatsoever.
  3. Unlike at Autozone, synthetic oil costs ~$10 more per quart, because “fuck you, consumer.”
  4. The Scion needs this expensive oil because NO IT DOESN’T.
  5. Jizz (or just really hard water) instead of washer fluid.

Today was a trip to an actual dealer with knowledge of the the actual car.

  1. Coolant was low because waterpump leak.  Warranty.  Coolant flush/thermostat/drive belt since we’re there anyway.
  2. Yep there was a leak.  Warranty.
  3. Have an oil change.
  4. Still don’t need full syn.
  5. Windex and a car wash to boot.
  6. Also, yeah a recall.  DX that, Loobs.

What did we learn?  Dealers suck, but less so than our “friends”  at the J-lube.

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