Crazy Stupid Love

Let me see if I got this straight:

  • Steve Carrell is married to Julianne Moore, who dumps him.
  • Julianne Moore is secretly having a lesbian family with Annette Bening, who leaves her in order to fuck President Andrew Shepherd, so Moore steals Kevin Bacon from the Closer lady.
  • Steve Carrell learned nothing from being a 40 year old virgin, so her hires the driver from Drive to help him learn to get laid.
  • The driver (Ryan Gosling) starts screwing Carrell’s daughter Jules (Emma Stone), which is not at all awkward, but leaves Jonah Hill and Jesse Eisenberg both sad virgins chased by Zombies.
  • Carrell’s son is in love with the teenage babysitter, who is in love with Carrell.
  • Wackiness ensues.
  • Everybody blames Kevin Bacon

Wow.  Collateral Damage (which came on afterwards) made more sense.

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