What did we learn?

Vince Neil doesn’t need lyrics

Mötley Crüe Setlist:
Saints of Los Angeles – great choice if only they remembered the words or the music
Wild Side – OK
Shout at the Devil – OK
Same Old Situation – Yay!
Sex – Yawn. Product placement for the new album
Don’t Go Away Mad Just Go Away – Yay!
Home Sweet Home – Yay!
Drum Solo – yawn
Livewire – yawn
Primal Scream – yawn
Dr. Feelgood – Yay!
Girls, Girls, Girls – Yay!
Kickstart My Heart – Yay!

Missing:  Afraid, Looks That Kill, Too Young To Fall In Love. Those would have filled in that dull middle nicely

Gene Simmons is a showman

Kiss Setlist:

Detroit Rock City – We know KISS is in the house because they now ALWAYS open with this
Shout it Out Loud – Yay, but WAY too early.
I Love it Loud – dumb song, cheesy audience participation gimmick
Firehouse – Sirens are dumb.
Hell or Hallelujah? – Yawn. Product placement for the new album.  The song was marginally better than “SEX.” At least they upgraded from WalMart to iTunes.
War Machine – OK.  At least they didn’t go back to Music From the Elder
Shock Me – Yawn.  Fake ACE and Fake Peter Criss make me sleepy with this 10 minute tribute to people who aren’t in the band for 25 + years of its existence
God of Thunder – cool, but now a staple.
Love Gun-  Not to be outdone, Paul does the standard zip line
Lick it Up – A lyrical powerhouse song (“Lick it up, whoa, oooh, oooh”)
Black Diamond – OK, but more of trying to stir up the audience after the indulgent Shock/God/Love doldrums
Cold Gin-  another old song, but it rocked

Whoops, we’re at 90 minutes.  Time to wrap.
I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll All Night – We know the concerts over, because they now ALWAYS end with this.  Go ahead Paul.  Break the guitar. Yawn, because its tired and overplayed.

Missing but better choices:  Plaster Caster, Crazy Nights, Calling Dr. Love, God Gave Rock and Roll to You

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