Opie noooooooooooo

Opie Sons of Anarchy

I got this.

Opie, before the shitstorm of death took him

Sons of Anarchy

This guy’s been working overtime

Jesus fuck, Sons of Anarchy. Dawn burned alive in front of her dad was bad enough, but that was already in motion. This week, pick a brother to die, and watch (or don’t) as inmates beat him to death. At least they just killed him and didn’t Buzz Wang him first.

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  • You’re a Bitch, Otto | Messenger Puppet January 3, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    […] doctor ever – because she (the doc) wouldn’t blow him.  Last year he ratted out his social club so they could all go to prison too.  A couple years earlier, some nice chaps gouged his eye out […]


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