Scion FR-S

This is what the Toyota Celica would be if it hadn’t been killed off.  Think about it:  the Celica was originally an homage to the Mustang, except light and fuel efficient. Here now the FR-S.  I see it and think Hyundai Genesis coupe.  But, as with the original and the Mustang, the Scion (Toyota) version goes with light and flingy over the bigger, heavier, 75-150 hp more powerful Hyundai.  Once again, the larger rival has its sights set on Camaros.

i like that they tuned the crap out of the engine.  My Scion should have about 60 more HP under that formula.  I don’t like that it sucks premium fuel.

Thanks a lot bin Laden.

Evidently, there is some sort of custom to be shown at SEMA 2012.  We’ll have a full report, or at least some token pictures if we find it in that maze that is the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Until then, enjoy the graphic.  Scion is pretty proud of it.

The All new Scion FR-S
Brought to you by the all new Scion FR-S

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