Hail Mary

A million years ago, there was this cheerleader with huge knockers.  Since this was in high school, that is all I know about this girl from that time – “oh yeah, that girl with the rack.” Karma:  Testosterone is a helluva drug. Me: So I’ve learned Last night, she was in my dreams – her […]

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Oh good lord, what now?

Don’t ever get married with children because divorce is completely fucked up, volume 999 August Ex: I want another day, so I can have 8 hours (Weds. and another) with my kid during the week and 7 on the weekend. But not Fridays.  Or Saturdays. Me:  OK – you’re mom after all.  That works out […]

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People who need to turn off Fox News:

Barry the Marxist needs to be charged with at least 5 murders and theft for stealing all Medicare people’s money [that] they paid in for their health CARE.  What a fricken PRick[!] Read More

You’re a Bitch, Otto

Daring statement, I know.  How did i get there?

  • Otis, the bus driver is a bitch
  • This guy is a bus driver:
  • His name is Otto
  • As a bus driver, Otto is a bitch
  • This guy is named Otto
  • And in prison
  • Therefore, he is a bitch
  • QED

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Deja Vu, except different

Driving in to work listening to this song It was 1998-9 all over again. Except no Red Hyundai.  No massive dread over rolling in to the Esplanade and having to justify my existence to my old boss.  No (ex-)wifely eyerolls and withering snark because i dared buy myself a CD.

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