What if…

the White Whale… were more of a Pirahna? Or if the Great Red Shark… were likewise a fucking Pacu (or a Candiru) (Apart from the immense and repeated death under an ether binge)

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You brainless scumbag…

you’re supposed in Vegas covering the National District Attorney’s Conference, I rented a suite at the Flamingo. Everything has been arranged. Now, what are you doing out in the middle of the desert?

flamingo hotel

Nothing. Never mind, it was all a big joke. Actually, I’m poolside at the Flamingo right now, talking though a portable phone some dwarf brought out from the casino. I have total credit here. DON’T come anywhere near this place, you bastard. Foreigners aren’t welcome.

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Not me

In this urban legend, a man drives home drunk. He is able to make his way into the house and immediately falls asleep. He wakes up to his wife’s screams. Apparently, she had gone out for a newspaper and found the body of a young girl embedded on the front grill of the man’s car. […]

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My Busy Week

FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS — A SAVAGE JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF THE AMERICAN DREAM by Hunter S. Thompson, © 1971 by Hunter S. Thompson Chapter 9: Breakdown on Paradise Blvd. EDITOR’S NOTE: At this point in the chronology, Dr. Duke appears to have broken down completely; the original manuscript is so splintered […]

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