Adventures in Bitchcraft

Friday, December 07, 2012 5:40 PM

I need a receipt (not a copy of your check, a receipt from the school showing the charges) for the “required” fees for marching band. [Translation:  You’re a “liar.”] I will only be paying for the required marching band classes.  Winter guard is not required for P.E. credit (I checked with the school and can forward a copy of the email to you if you need it) and the trip to San Francisco is not required for band and will not affect her grade – I will not be paying for them. [Translation:  Fuck you, o.b.o. Kid 2]  I was doing a favor for Taylor by signing the permission slip that you “forgot” to sign. [Translation:  You’re a “liar.” also, my (Mom’s) parenting is a favor to be bestowed on Kid 2.] If you are unwilling to pay for that, please email to let me know promptly and I will call the school on Monday to tell them that Taylor will not be able to continue with winter guard, due to financial hardship. [Translation:  I am happy to embarrass you and the kid rather than be a part of her adventure.] I told Taylor before you put your deposit down on the trip to San Francisco that I would not be able to help pay for it, if you need to cancel the trip then I advise you do that.  [Translation:  Fuck you, man.  I don’t care that it comes right off my state tax bill, meaning my share has a net cost to me of $0.]

I will accept what appears to be a credit card statement for the physical [Translation:  You’re a “liar” but I can’t prove it], however you should know that 35%  of $35 is $12.25 (not $17.50 as you stated in your previous email [except that your share is 50%]). [Translation:  I rhyme with rich]

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