A week ago, it was that girl with the boobs, from high school.  Last night it was Superstar, in all her best December ever glory.  She was back, but I was with Lurlene. I invited her to thanksgiving dinner, over Lurlene‘s gentle suggestion that i not.  So it was on  – all the shoulda woulda couldas that i couldn’t face until i had healed were available to me now.  But I was with Lurlene.  And, unlike a week ago, I knew the answer would be no if i asked. I knew if i didn’t ask, but just absented myself, there was no hiding it. Jump and bad things happen.  Don’t jump (again) and watch part of your soul wither and die like the exwife had touched it.

Never been so glad to wake up from a bone dream.  Never so glad to wake up with just one woman in the bed.  And it was Lurlene, who is here and now and real.

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